The Regressive Antidote* is the home for David Michael Green's regular political commentary.   The site derives its name from an essay I wrote regarding the importance of properly labeling the radical (and so-called) conservative movement of our time.  I try to update it weekly with a new column, as well as some fresh regressive outrage and a pithy quote to ponder.

When I'm not ranting about politics, I am busy poisoning the minds of America's next generation of leaders, as an associate professor of Political Science at Hofstra University, located in Hempstead, New York.   It is here that I hunt for naive new recruits to induct into my super-double-secret, crypto-anarcho-syndicalist, angry lesbian revolutionary cell, devoted to overthrowing – by means of a shocking putsch employing weapons of mass instruction – the reigning evildoers now at the helm of Toastmasters International.  But that's our little secret, okay?  Please don't tell anyone else.   I could get in a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, you might like to know that I did my PhD in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin (1999), and also have degrees from the University of Illinois (International Politics, 1994), and from the University of California – Riverside (Public Administration, 1982;   History, 1980).  In addition to toiling in the vineyards of academia, I have also served as a management analyst (which sounds a lot more important than it actually was) for the California state judiciary and two University of California campuses – Berkeley and San Francisco.

My academic interests chiefly center around questions of European integration (the EU), international organization, and political identity. But recent developments have re-ignited my passion for American politics, as well.  At Hofstra, I offer courses on international politics, comparative politics, European politics, foreign policy, American politics, and an on-site course in Manhattan, at the United Nations headquarters and surrounding embassies.  Currently in the works is a new course on international organization and law, and a seminar on political fiction.

My academic book, The Europeans:  Political Identity in an Emerging Polity was published in March 2007.  I have also begun research for another book – an essay on contemporary American politics – which I hope will be of interest to both academic and general audiences.

I have been active in various political organizations throughout my adult life, and have participated in multiple electoral campaigns, all of which always seem to lose somehow, even when they're not supposed to (including four I tanked in 2006, a new personal best!).  For example, decades ago I worked on the congressional campaign of a candidate who was slated to become the first openly gay member of Congress, had he only, er, won. It was supposed to be a cakewalk, about which the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, "The race is Harry Britt's to lose".   Which, unfortunately, is exactly what he (we? I?) then proceeded to do.

I don't know what became of Harry Britt, but I can tell you what happened to the winner of that race.   Her name is Nancy Pelosi, and she became the first woman to be Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.  Moral of the story, #1:  Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances.  Moral of the story, #2:  Ya might want to reconsider having me work on yer campaign.  Unless, of course, the whole thing is just a tax write-off in the first place.

Given this track record, it is perhaps a miracle that any political group would choose to be associated with me, but I am pleased to report that I currently participate in the many projects of Long Island Teachers for Human Rights (LITHR), and have helped organize multiple Campus Camp Wellstone training sessions at Hofstra, as well as the student group, HOPE – the Hofstra Organization for Progressive Empowerment.

Besides the study and practice of politics, my passions include music, songwriting, recording, hiking and kayaking.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you'll find the site entertaining and informative.

Cheers –

Scooter Pie
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